The Resource Grabber will scan the directories and drives on your computer and extract all bitmaps, glyphs (button images), icons, cursors, JPEG images and AVI clips it finds inside the programs and DLL files in any directory you specify. It extracts images already on your computer from their hidden locations inside the files on your PC and saves them in their native format so you can access them more easily later.

Publisher description

The leading utility for all developers who need images, button glyphs, icons etc. for their programs. The Resource-Grabber can scan the directories and drives on your computer and extract all bitmaps, glyphs, icons, cursors, video clips, sound files and much other interesting stuff it finds inside program and library files (it now also works with Internet newsgroups.) In addition, the program can locate embedded .JPG images, sound files, animations, text files, libraries, HTML files, and more.

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